Campus Master Plan
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University of Anbar is located in It is situated in Ramadi city, center of Anbar Province, with a total area of 15,001,546 m2. The university was established in1987 in accordance with the decree No. 951 on the 23rd of Dec., 1987.  Initially, the University consisted of two colleges only, namely, College of Education for Women and College of Education for Humanities. However, due to the increasing developmental needs in the Province which necessitated expansion in the number of students at the University of Anbar, its scientific staffs and extending its scientific activities to its cities and towns, nine colleges, namely College of Engineering, College of Science, College of Economics and Administration, College of Law and Political Science, College of Computer and Information Technology, College of Arts, College of Physical Education and Sport Science, College of Islamic Science, and College of Education for Pure Science, were established in the University main campus..

In addition, three colleges namely, College of Medicine, College of Dentistry and College of Pharmacy, were established in Ramadi city. Moreover, College of Education in Qaim, College of Basic Education in Haditha and College of Applied Science in Heet were established to disseminate knowledge in all districts in the province. Accordingly, the number of colleges in the University is 18 with different departments and scientific disciplines. The number of departments in the colleges is 62 and the number of research and scientific centers affiliated to the University of Anbar is 6 . More Information 

Total Campus  Area : 15001546

Total Campus Buildings Area : 281770


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