Waste Recycling Program
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University of Anbar established more than six Programs to reduce the use of paper , recycle  plastic and metal  in campus :-

·         Use Double-sides printing.

·         Use Printer For Necessary Matter.

·         Don’t Use Plastic Bags.

·         Work on the distribution of water for free.

·         Work on collecting the E-waste .

·         Work on collecting the  metal.

University of Anbar spreading the knowledge of (don’t increase waste) inside the university’s campuses through many guiding programs and workshops. In context, the university established  a working mechanism through Construction and projects center, and computer center to collect the aluminum and metal, and the E-waste respectively.

Now, students and faculties especially after pandemic are aware they should reduction of using paper and depend more in electronic services (pdf, e-mail, smart board, and data show). Also they are aware for recycling process and how to collect  the waste of (paper, plastic, and cans) in especial bins which distributed in the campus territory. Also, a recycling process for organic waste (food, trees part, and trees leaves) is done now inside the university’s colleges and centers (college of science, college of agriculture, center of renewable energy, computer center) where convert it to fertilizer or gas .


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