paperless and zero plastic university
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University Of Anbar supports paperless system to reduce paper in daily workplace. It can reduce a lot of paper use that mean UOA can reduce CO2 emissions and save the environment.

Solutions of reusable paper in back office, e.g. using 2-side of paper, always recheck your data before print, use online system instead of hard copy.

University Of Anbar  has a policy of “Reduce , Reuse plastic bag in the last years. We can reduce around one million bags per year or reduce 90% of plastic waste in university”.

"University Of Anbar " project is consistent with the campaign's key points of United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) these years focused its campaign on "Waste Plastic Pollution" (Beat Plastic Pollution) is the same direction around the world as “if you cannot reuse it, refuse it".

University of Anbar established more than six Programs to reduce the use of paper and plastic in campus:-

·         Please, Use Double-sides printing.

·         Please, Use Printer For Necessary Matter.

·         Please, Don’t Use Plastic Bags.

·         Please, Checking your data before printing.

·         Use hand dryer instead of paper towels.

·         Collecting the plastic bottles .

·         Use tablets and computers instead of books.

The University of Anbar implements a community-based recycling system, providing clear guidelines for students and staff on recyclable materials. This program enables the convenient disposal of various recyclables like plastic, paper, glass, and aluminum. Furthermore, the university actively encourages the recycling of Electronic Waste and printer ink cartridges, emphasizing the importance of proper disposal due to their hazardous chemical and heavy metal content.






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