Water pollution control
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The University of Anbar follows a policy of reducing and preventing pollution of water in lakes inside the university, as well as bearing the responsibility of following up on pollution rates in the waters of water bodies that belong to the governorate (Al Anbar Governorate). Where specialized cadres in the Upper Euphrates Development Center (a research center at the University of Anbar) carry out the following activities

1- Examination of the water of water bodies inside the university

2-  Examination of the waters of the Euphrates River and Lake Habbaniyah, which is the main source of water for the population of the province and for the University of Anbar

3- The periodic examination of groundwater under the soil surface at the university, where wells are drilled and samples of groundwater are taken and checked constantly in anticipation of the leakage of this water into the lakes or into the Euphrates River

4- A mechanism has been designed to get rid of pollution that may result from sewage complexes for student housing sites within the university, which has an area of ??(4,500) square meters.


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