Organic Waste Treatment
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At University of Anbar, organic waste is produced through restaurants located in the university and , and the waste of trees and plants. Waste is treated in four methods in four defirrent places at university.

1- At the Renewable Energy Research Center the second method is done by implementation a small anaerobic fermenter as a preliminary experiment in order to recycle organic waste .The generated biogas was used to meet the requirements for operating a gas cooker in the center's restaurant.





2- At the college of Agriculture the first method depends on the fermentation of these food waste and tree leaves in simple fermentation devices to be used in the production of organic fertilizers of two types (solid fertilizers and liquid fertilizers).



3- At the Desert study center the aerobic fermentation process is considered to treat the waste of trees leaves and died plants to produce a solid fertilizer and use it for mushroom farming


Organic waste collection 

 Organic waste recycling  (fertilizer producing)





4- At college of  Science, waste that cannot be used in the previous three methods, incinerated by using a specialized incinerator obtained by the university through a grant provided by the United Nations (UNDP  ) and this considered the fourth method of treatment.



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