Pedestrian Path Campus
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1- Separator between road for vehicle and pedestrian path.

2- Street lamp for pedestrian in night. College has more 750 solar street lamps, which control the solar street lights automatically through the intensity of light.

3- Allows bicycle on University Of Anbar

4- Contains useful signboards to guide the staff and visitors to colleges and departments of university.

5-The pedestrian covered with file roof used to protect the pedestrian from rain and sun rays.

6- According to the university policy, the university responsible to transport the people who having disabilities from the main gate of the university to any destination want, or allow him to use his own car while university equipped the garages with location to cars of the people having this disabilities.

7- Ramps and guiding blocks which have suitable design for pedestrian having physical disabilities.


All  University of Anbar sites are cyclist and pedestrian friendly. Many have vehicle-free paths for these users. There is a 5 mph speed limit on all internal roads, and cycle paths on the public roads. All sites have cycle racks in a variety of designs.

The University offers  runs a “Cycle to Work” scheme for staff as well as encouraging cycling through a number of services, events and groups, and providing free bikes to students.

Example of Campus Bikes

University of Anbar is very well served by university owned  buses run by the university so there is a little number of small cars using to deliver employers they got leading positions, Shuttle service is provided by university, regular, and environment friendly as shown in image. 





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