Sewage Disposal
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University of Anbar has put in place a comprehensive plan for wastewater management at its campus, which includes the recycling of both grey-water and wastewater. They have established dedicated units designed for the reclamation and separation of wastewater within their facilities, ensuring efficient collection and treatment. This involves the use of sewage tanks connected to various university buildings, each serving as an individual treatment point for wastewater. When the university's wastewater enters these sewage tanks through sewage pipes, a separation process occurs. Within the tanks, the slow flow of wastewater leads to the settling of some solids at the bottom, while others create a scum layer at the top in addition to oxidation and water discharge . The treated wastewater is subsequently utilized for flushing toilets and watering plants. The University of Anbar has a skilled workforce and trainers responsible for maintaining the sewage station on campus. Additionally, the university collaborates with a state company tasked with providing, enhancing, and expanding the public sewage network for both residential and commercial wastewater flows. Furthermore, there is an initial wastewater collection and treatment system in place within the university's premises




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