Renewable Energy Sources
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There are four  Renewable Energy Sources in  University Of Anbar

1-      Solar power produce = 876000 KWh


2-      Combine Heat and Power (Heaters) = 525  KWh

Combine Heat and Power “heaters “at University Of Anbar are considered one of Firends' energy sources, which convert solar light into thermal energy for water. The total capacity of the heaters used at University of Anbar / Central Laboratory Building is 60 *24(hours)*365(days) = 525 kilowatts per year.


3-      Wind power produce = 262800 KWh




4-      Hydropower produce = 35 KWh

One promising source is electricity generation through small hydroelectric plants. These plants have the advantage of requiring minimal construction work, utilizing rivers and available irrigation channels. This project involves the development of designs for an electric power plant based on small waterways and irrigation channels, commonly known as a mini hydro power plant. The system has been designed, manufactured, and initially tested in the hydraulic laboratory, with electrical power supplied to some student laboratories.





In addition, Reserchers from the centre of Renewable Energy Research (RER) have desinged and implemented a smart solar mobile charger. This street charging unit has been installed next to the RER centre and can to grant free phone charging services to 10 students simultaneously. The charging unit runs entirely on solar panels that have already exposed to solar energy and work for (24) hours.



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